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challenged by beccamrose - I’ll take you on! 
1. I can pick up and hold conversations with most people.
2. I’m really good at copying people’s dance moves.
3. I have a good sense of what I like and this makes making things/art more enjoyable (this wasn’t always the case).
4. I don’t blame other people completely when bad things happen to me or in general. 
5. I know how to enjoy my own company pretty well and because of that I think I’m much less of a bore when I’m around others. 
That took longer than expected! Spread the self-love friends. 
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Édouard Levé

Pornographie, 2002

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Here’s a peek of a ‘lil poem I wrote with Google. It can be FOUND (ba dum tssh) in the Found Poetry Review vol. 7, which is full of stellar stuff.

Read the full poem and buy the issue here!

Drew Barrymore in 1990

Liv Tyler, 1995

That gold chain with the cotton long sleeve thooo

"Adolescence" by Alexzandria Jade on Flickr.